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Dr. Christensen is an American Board of Orthodontics Certified Orthodontist who has been providing the highest level of orthodontic care and TMJ related treatment available to the residents of Yakima, Washington and the surrounding areas since 1991.

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Refuse to smile for pictures because you’re self-conscious? Flip the script by coming to Richard D Christensen DDS, MS. Our orthodontist will ensure you walk out with a confident smile! Dr. Christensen is skilled in the most innovative orthodontic techniques. He’ll examine your teeth to determine what they need to be healthy and recommend an effective solution. If he finds any irregularities of the jaw or teeth, he’ll walk you through the available options for correction.

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Comprehensive Orthodontic Services in Yakima, WA

Richard D Christensen DDS, MS can provide for all of your orthodontic needs. Our orthodontic specialist, Dr. Christensen, is proud to offer both traditional braces and the latest in orthodontic advancements. You can come to him for:

Invisalign | Braces | Retainers | 3D imaging, and more

He’ll help you choose the right treatment for your orthodontic needs and ensure that you achieve the ideal result. Contact our office to see what Dr. Christensen can do for you.

We treat TMJ and TMD in Yakima, Washington

Are you suffering from chronic facial and neck pain? Been diagnosed with TMJ or TMD? Richard D Christensen DDS, MS can help. Dr. Christensen has extensive experience treating temporomandibular disorders. He’ll check your TM joints for swelling and determine the best treatment option for your needs. He’ll also teach TMJ patients preventive measures they can take to maintain a healthy smile and manage their symptoms.

Learn more about our TMD and TMJ services by reaching out to Richard D Christensen DDS, MS.

General Orthodontics

Richard D Christensen DDS, MS will help you get a healthy,
gorgeous smile with our orthodontic services!


Straighten out your teeth without the metal brackets.
Get Invisalign at Richard D Christensen DDS, MS.


Suffering from TMD? Come to Richard D Christensen DDS,
MS for treatment that can reduce chronic pain.

Complex Surgical Orthodontics

Correct misalignment of the jaw by coming to,
Richard D Christensen DDS, MS for jaw surgery.

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