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In the heart of Yakima, Dr. Richard D. Christensen is here to add comfort and brilliance to your smile. As a trusted member of our community, he understands the unique needs of Yakima residents and offers a range of orthodontic services tailored just for you.

Here’s What We Offer:

  • Invisalign: Embrace the confidence of a discreet treatment, perfect for our Yakima lifestyle.
  • Traditional Braces: Time-tested, reliable, and customized to fit your life.
  • Retainers: Keep your Yakima smile shining long after treatment.
  • 3D Imaging Technology: State-of-the-art precision for the best results.

Dr. Christensen isn’t just about straightening teeth; he’s about enriching lives with comfortable, effective treatments that add value to every Yakima smile. Visit our office to see how Dr. Christensen can make a difference in your smile and life.


  • Options for Everyone: Choose from traditional metal, ceramic, or clear aligners.
  • Comfort Focused: Our braces are designed for ease and comfort.
  • Affordable: We provide flexible payment plans to fit your budget.
  • Effective Results: Get a straighter smile with minimal hassle.

Ready to start? Book a consultation today and take the first step towards a better smile with us.


  • Virtually Invisible: Invisalign aligners are clear and hardly noticeable.
  • Customized for Comfort: Tailored to fit your teeth perfectly.
  • Convenient: Easily removable for eating, brushing, and flossing.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Trusted technology for straightening teeth.

Ready to see the difference? Book a consultation and see how Invisalign can transform your smile.


    • Expert Care: Specialized treatment for TMJ/TMD symptoms.
    • Personalized Solutions: Tailored approaches to reduce pain and improve jaw function.
    • Advanced Techniques: Utilizing the latest methods for effective relief.
    • Comprehensive Support: From diagnosis to treatment, we’re with you every step of the way.

    Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards a life free from jaw discomfort.

Bio Rejuvination

Bio Rejuvenation goes beyond traditional orthodontics to enhance your overall oral health. It’s not just about straight teeth, but about a harmonious, healthy mouth.

  • Holistic Approach: Treating more than just teeth alignment for complete oral health.
  • Customized Care: Each treatment plan is tailored to your unique dental needs.
  • Advanced Treatment: Utilizing the latest in dental technology for optimal results.
  • Long-Term Wellness: Focused on preventing future dental issues.

Book your consultation to discover how Bio Rejuvenation can transform your oral health.

Why choose RCORTHO?

Expert Care, Personal Touch

Our team comprises highly trained professionals adept in modern orthodontic techniques. We focus on providing expert care in a welcoming and supportive environment, ensuring your orthodontic journey is both comfortable and effective.

Clear Communication, Every Step of the Way

Understanding your treatment plan is crucial. Our staff takes the time to explain each procedure, answer your questions, and keep you informed about your progress. We’re here to guide you with clarity and transparency.

Tailored Treatments, Just for You

Every smile is unique. That’s why we offer personalized care that’s as individual as you are. Our team works to understand your specific needs, crafting a treatment plan that achieves your dream smile.

Staying Ahead with Technology

Our practice stays up-to-date on the latest advancements in orthodontics. From digital imaging to innovative treatment methods, we bring the best of modern orthodontics to your care.

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