Everyone desires to flaunt a set of perfectly aligned teeth for a sparkling smile. But, as nature has it, not everyone is blessed with the same. Some people have misaligned or crooked teeth by birth that hinders their ability to flaunt their beautiful smile. Fortunately, advanced dentistry has treatment for it.

You can now get perfectly aligned and straightened teeth by wearing braces. However, once the braces have done their job, it’s time for wearing retainers so that the newly formed condition (appearance) of straightened teeth can be maintained.

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What are Retainers?

Retainers are orthodontic devices made from metal or plastic. They are specifically manufactured and designed for individual patients based on their requirements to perfectly match the alignment of their teeth and the shape of their mouth.

What are the Types of Retainers?

They are broadly categorized into two types; fixed and removable. The former, as the name specifies, is bonded to the lower or upper teeth. They are made of a thin wire, custom-fitted to match your mouth’s shape.

On the other hand, removal retainers can be removed as per the patient’s requirements. They are further categorized into types; wire and clear retainers. Wire retainers are made of a plastic-like or wire material, clear retainers have transparent trays made using a plastic-like material.

What Does a Retainer Do to Your Teeth?

In most cases, they help the bone responsible for holding the teeth to rebuild post they have obtained their new position. Another main purpose of retainer is that it can help to maintain the teeth’ new position after the completion of orthodontic treatment.

In certain cases, the dentist recommends wearing them if a single tooth has to be moved. This situation doesn’t require the patient to wear braces as the retainer can do the job, albeit it will take many years for this purpose.

The benefits of wearing a retainer extend beyond shifting teeth. For example, some kids suffer from a condition called tongue thrust. Custom-made retainers can be designed specifically so that the patient’s tongue can be trained in a way that it doesn’t slide through when they speak.

How Long Does a Retainer Last?

They can typically last for a long time. On average, the lifespan of removal retainers is up to 10 years. However, permanent retainers can last even longer. They can serve you for decades. But, there’s a risk of permanent retainers getting damaged due to wear and tear.

It is important to note that the average lifespan of retainers mostly depends on your oral hygiene and the way you take care of your retainers. So, make a point to keep them clean and do not damage them.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, wearing them can help you in ways more than you think. So, if you are asked to wear a retainer post teeth straightening procedure, it’s important that you follow the advice of your Yakima orthodontist. Failing to do so will result in wasting months of hard work. Simply put, wearing a retainer is as important as getting a teeth straightening procedure, since it helps maintain the results.