The world has advanced and so has the field of dentistry. New and advanced treatments are now available to cure patients and help them flaunt a vibrant and bright smile. So, if you have been feeling self-conscious due to a visible gap or space between teeth, you will be glad to know that there are treatments available to fix this issue.

Before we get to know these treatments, let’s first discuss what causes gaps in teeth:

  •       The habit of sucking the thumb as a child
  •       Gum disease
  •       Teeth shifting
  •       Missing teeth
  •       Overgrown frenulum

Treatments to Fix Teeth with Gaps:


Braces serve the purpose of fixing the alignment and positions of teeth. They put consistent pressure on the tooth; thereby, correcting their position while filling the gap between teeth. They also work by remodeling the bone.

There are different parts of braces that collectively work to change the positioning of teeth. These include brackets, archwire, bonding material, ligature elastic, and spacers. Each part has a distinct function which helps to close gaps in teeth.


Although Invisalign is a tooth straightening treatment, it can also help to fix teeth with gaps. It is made up of custom-fitted aligners. When placed over the teeth, they correct the tooth’s alignment.

On the plus side, Invisalign is hardly noticeable. No one can tell that you’re wearing it. On the contrary, braces are extremely visible. However, there’s a flip side to Invisalign as well. It will take its own sweet time when it comes to closing the gap or fixing the alignment of tooth.

Dental Bonding

Many people get dental bonding for gaps as this treatment offers a quick and effective resolution to the problem. Furthermore, it’s also the least expensive procedure out there. During this procedure, your dentist will apply a composite resin material to the impacted tooth. The resin material is shaped and colored in a way that it resembles the natural tooth.

Once the resin is placed, it is hardened using a special light. This helps to secure it in the designated place. The procedure doesn’t take a lot of time and can be completed in a single visit. However, it comes with its share of drawbacks with lack of durability being the most prominent one. The bonding material is prone to breaking or chipping off after a few years. Furthermore, it may also get stained with the passage, thereby, adversely impacting your smile.


Veneers not only treat chipped and discolored teeth but are also considered a suitable option for those who have multiple gaps in teeth. They are porcelain or ceramic shells, which are bonded over the tooth for the purpose of covering dental imperfections, including visible gaps.

Many people prefer veneers as tooth gap filler treatment as they last longer and do not stain. Furthermore, they also look more natural because they are custom designed.

A Final Word

Your doctor will be able to guide you better whether you need braces for gaps or any other treatment. So, book a consultation with the best Yakima Orthodontist and get your tooth evaluated. Upon thorough examination and evaluation, they will recommend you the treatment.