While any dental disorder calls for immediate action, there are certain issues for which you need to visit an urgent care dentist at the earliest. Failing to do so can worsen the condition. Such situations are called dental care emergencies.

Let’s take a look at them:

An Injury to Your Tooth

A bad fall, trauma, sports injury, or a blow to your face can result in a tooth injury. Your tooth may get chipped, cracked, or broken, as a result. This calls for immediate dental care, particularly if there’s broken tooth bleeding. The dentist will analyze the condition, and the impact of the damage, and formulate a treatment plan accordingly.

A Fractured Jawline

An accident or injury is the most common cause of a broken jaw, also called a fractured jawline. In most cases, the mandible or lower jaw is impacted by this fracture. When a jaw gets fractured, the dislocated part pops out from TMJ. Bleeding from the nose or mouth, dental injuries, bruising in the cheek or jaw area, difficulty in performing routine mouth functions, facial numbness, and ear pain are some of the most common symptoms of a fractured jaw. You must visit a dental emergency clinic as soon as you encounter these signs.

If it’s minor damage, you won’t need extensive treatment. However, in severe injuries, wiring is required that may compel you to keep your jaw shut for a couple of weeks or more.

Lost Tooth Filling

The main purpose of tooth filling, as the name suggests, is to fill the area that’s been removed because of decay. They are also used for the purpose of repairing broken, cracked, or worn down teeth. However, due to any reason, the filling may come out. In such a situation, you need to visit emergency dental services.

Injuries Affecting Your Gums

Some injuries end up affecting gums instead of teeth. They must be taken as seriously as teeth injuries. Therefore, scheduling an emergency dentist appointment is highly recommended in such a situation.

Partially Dislodged Tooth

Like most other dental emergencies, a partially dislodged tooth is also caused by trauma, accident, or injury. In this situation, the tooth becomes loose or is partially removed. Letting it be like that increases the risk of teeth falling off completely or resulting in another dental injury. This is why it is considered a dental emergency.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, you shouldn’t ignore any oral health-related issue as it can result in a painful condition. As we all know, a toothache is a throbbing pain that leaves one restless at all times. So, visit a dental clinic as early as you can. Most of them offer emergency services. This means that you can visit them without taking a prior appointment.

However, it’s still recommended to confirm beforehand whether they take emergency patients or not. If they do, visit the clinic and explain your condition to the dentist. Based on the diagnosis, they will draft a treatment plan. They may also prescribe you painkillers to provide temporary respite from the pain.