The benefits of ensuring optimal oral hygiene extend beyond having a beautiful smile. It will help keep many oral health disorders at bay while improving your overall health as well.

While there are numerous dental tips you can follow to maintain optimal oral hygiene, the base is set by regular teeth cleaning. And for a strong base, you should brush your teeth regularly.

Now, the question arises, how many times a day should you brush your teeth. The universally followed answer is that you should brush twice a day; once in the morning and the second time before hitting the bed. Many times people miss out on the latter out of sheer laziness. This, however, poses risks to your oral health because food debris may remain attached to your teeth, resulting in issues, such as cavities and tooth decay.

In case you wear braces, your dentist may recommend you brush your teeth after every meal to ensure your teeth and braces are cleaned properly.

Other Tips to Follow for Oral Care

Apart from brushing your teeth, there are other important things you must do to improve your oral hygiene. These include:

  • Make a habit to floss before or after brushing your teeth. This will ensure no food debris is left behind.
  • Follow the proper way to brush your teeth. It is important that no part of the mouth is left when brushing. You should also clean your tongue. Your dentist can guide you better about the right technique to brush your teeth.
  • Do not ‘overbrush’. This is technically not a term, but it is informally used to refer to when people brush their teeth more than they should. It can cause enamel to erode, exposing your teeth to bacteria, which can result in many oral health issues.
  • Schedule an appointment with your Yakima dentist every six months. It is basically a routine check-up in which the dentist examines the oral health of the patient and performs teeth cleaning routine. So, it not only reduces the chances of suffering from different oral health conditions but also keeps the teeth clean and sparkling white as well. In addition, regular dental check-ups also help dentists to identify oral health issues during the very early stages.
  • Use mouthwash after brushing. Make sure you have selected a quality product that can help kill bacteria in the mouth.
  • Eat healthy food products that benefit your oral health. Did you know that there are many fruits and juices that can actually help whiten your teeth? Similarly, there are certain products that can lead to discoloration. Thus, choose what you eat wisely. Knowing about their effects can help improve both oral and overall health.
  • There are many vitamins for teeth you can take. They assist in strengthening the teeth.
  • If you plan to get dental treatments, choose the most experienced dentist. Furthermore, follow the complete after-care guidelines. This is important not only for a quick recovery but for enhanced oral health as well.

To sum it up, daily brushing your teeth is important but so is following the tips described above. So, if you haven’t been following them up till now, it’s the right time you should start taking your oral health seriously.